The Eberts

                                                                                                                                                        The Eberts

From a very young age I had an interest in where I came from and who I was.  Over the years that interest has matured and grown into a passion for my family's history.  The last 10 years have been spent looking over census, birth, death, marriage and nearly any publicly consumable record I can get my hands (or eyes) on.  Through those long sessions I have learned a lot about myself but even more about my family.  An example, the picture above, these faces deserve to be remembered, documented, passed on to the next generation and that is what drives me.  Whether you are a Nelson, Mender, Stevens or Essex, a Rains, Eberts, Smith or Hartung, a Malblanc, Jefferson, Whalen or Gaffin, it is my hope that you find something here that connects you to your past in way that you didn't realize was possible.  

Communication is the key to successful genealogy research.  Don't be shy about questions, comments or even corrections.  When a tree has over 1,000 people documented in it mistakes are a possibly if not reality.  I can be reached on our Facebook page, Nelson Rains Genealogy,, on Twitter @MeetYouinOhio and at or in the contact form below.

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Cody Nelson

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