Mansfield (Rains) the Painter

One of my first posts reference my 4th great grandfather, who happened to be a painter.  I can't rule out that he was the Michelangelo of mid 1800's central Ohio but he was likely just a simple painter of walls and such.  Mansfield Rains (1820/24-1906) certainly lived liked a starving artist.  Through city of Columbus directories, which all state him as a painter, I tracked him moving to a new address every year, sometimes twice. (a chunk of examples;  74 Maple, ?? Chestnut, 148 N High third floor, 21 N Lazelle, 182 East Town, East Walnut, 211 E Naghten, 149 S Fifth 3, 149 S Fifth 1, 79 E Spring, 480 S 6th...).  The thought of that makes you appreciate the walls and roof over your head, especially since those examples are from the later stages of Mansfield's life.  Mansfield is one of my dead ends from my four main surnames (is there a genealogy term for them?).  Mansfield is the last of the Rains (spelling probably changes), having never found him in his home state of Virginia.  My next project is to track him through Pinterest or Google Maps, with hopes that something visual will make something pop.


Record of Marriage, Mansfield Rains and Loretta Montgomery.

9th of April, 1844 Columbus, Ohio