My Own Genealogical Treasure Chest

Dolores (Mender) Nelson

My paternal grandmother, Dolores Nellie Mender turned 90 on the 13th of November 2013.  She is still well for a women of 90 and a collector of things.  After a recent visit and interview, she gave me permission to take home whatever books and photos I may find.  Needless to say, I now possess the main collection of Mender/Nelson family photos. Also retrieved-

  • three volumes of History of Ohio by C.B. Galbreath .  I have yet to look them over again (they need care and cleaning before entering the house), but I believe them to be part of the original five volume set (1925), or the set from 1928. 
  • Enough documents and photos to write a book about Wilbur "Dike" Mender (1911-2008).  WWII veteran, columnist, troop leader and former mayor of Nelsonville, Ohio (Dolores eldest brother, never married)
  • A very old book/collection regarding Nelsonville during the Civil War.  No background found as of 13 Jan 2014
  • Dolores father, Earl Donald Mender (1889-1979) left behind an entire datebook from 1941.  It appears as though he was very detailed.
  • Several other books and photos!

The ride home was borderline overwhelming as someone who has only had digital and copies of original documents up to this point.  Add on top of that, this side of the family has not been shared very well.  My dream for this collection, and my research of my families in general, is to preserve, protect and share.  Once it is all properly cleaned and documented I plan to offer the originals to those that are my elder (it will be no burden to hold to such things either).

Wish me luck and even advice for this morning as I am more amateur archivist/care taker than family historian.