PERRY M. RAINS (1852-1917)


For reference, Perry Rains was William H and Helen Marie's great grandfather.  Perry was the second son of Mansfield Rains and Loretta Montgomery, born on December 16th, 1852, most likely in central Ohio.  The first time we find Perry is in the 1860 census in Clinton Township (Franklin County) with his parents and siblings, Theodore (10), Mary (4) and Alice (2).  Mansfield spent most of his life doing odd jobs like house painting, I can only imagine things were never easy for our Rains of years past.

On February 27th, 1873 Perry married Katherine Karst of Columbus.  They would go on to have three children, William Robert, Gertie and Florence Rains.

Perry's occupations ranged from laborer, teamster and file cutter.  When I say file cutter I mean a metal file, the type you might use to saw off a crooked nail or such. 



Here are a some file cutters at work. Credit -

Perry lived in several homes during his adult life, 214 McDowell, 469 W Rich, most among them.  Many of these homes did not survive the evolution and expansion of downtown Columbus.  Perry passed away a widow on January 17th, 1917 of a heart attack, he was 64.  There is still a lot to uncover about Perry M. Rains my 3rd great grandfather.  There is no known photo, birth certificate...hopefully I can get out to Greenlawn Cemetery and a photo of his tombstone.  Men like Perry make you appreciate the little things, the easiness of which we all live now.  Rest well Perry.