The (1st) Aunt Down the Street



My first childhood home was only a block or two from one of my father's childhood homes.  The area has fallen into hard times, even more so than when we moved nearly 20 years ago.  Every few years we drive by the old house, built in 1928.  We planted a small pine tree a year or so before we moved and it has become impressive over these past two decades.  Thinking back on that time as someone who now has a deep invested interest in genealogy my thoughts go to my great grand aunt Nelly.  Nellie (Essex) Borror lived several houses down on the same street.  We often visited, or at least to a 5-6 year old it felt often.  Aunt Nelly collected things.  Not in a hoarder sense but the Essex line of my line family certainly has trouble letting things go.  My sister and I often came home with plastic figures of some kind, small California Raisins figures, clown coin banks, to name a few.


I never knew much about Aunt Nelly other than that her name was my father's nickname.  I hope to change that soon.  I have already heard of her confrontational relationship with her once husband, Harry Borror, a influential construction/real estate man in Columbus and the death of their only son, Rollin Borror, at the age of 19 in a auto accident.


Nellie was the scribe behind many of the family notes I have.  With that in mind I hope that it isn't too late to find out more about her and her story.


Dolores (Mender) Nelson, [Child], Ronald (Rollin) Borror, Nellie (Essex) Borror, Mary (May?) ???? and Edna (Essex) Mender....Grandmother, Great Uncle, Great Grand Aunt, ?? and Great Grand Mother