Collection Highlight #2 Hanna-Essex Coal Company


Collection Highlight #2 - The Hanna-Essex Coal Company

The Hanna-Essex Coal Company was started in 1912, in New Straitsville, Ohio.  Hannibal Hamlin Essex, my 2nd great grandfather, was president.  His older brother, Nelson, was secretary, treasurer.  I'm still digging, sorting and scanning, hoping to find more information.  Hannibal started out with his eldest brother, Calvin Essex, eventually running one of Calvin's mines (The Essex Coal Company).  I am very new to researching the mines in the area (or mines at all!).  One of my more promising visits to make in the spring will be to The Little Cities Archive in Shawnee, Ohio.  They have an impressive online collection of old newspapers, photos and more from the "Black Diamonds" area.  

From an uneducated view, coal companies seemed to pop-up and fall apart like the Internet companies in the recent past.  I have found family connections to many coal companies (whether in ownership, management, actual mine work).   

  • The Essex Coal Company 
  • The Hanna-Essex Coal Company 
  • The G.M.S. Coal Company (desperately looking for more on that one)
  • Troy Mine (History of Ohio, by Charles Galbreath)
  • The Statler-Essex Coal Company (History of Ohio)

Look for a great deal more on this topic in future posts, including a complete time keeping book from 1937, with who worked the mine each day.

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