Ohio Veteran Gravesite List

* It is not a complete list, but fairly comprehensive 


During my two weeks of jury duty I had the pleasure of hearing our County (Franklin) Recorder, Terry Brown, speak to us about his office and the resources available to us.  


Those resources are often the ones genealogists and the like are after.  They have some very large old books with very precise script with records dating back to before Ohio was a state (1803).  You welcome to see those books and other such items if you visit his Office.  


The item that surprised me most that I didn't know about before was the Ohio Veteran gravesite search.  It can be found  here http://recorder.franklincountyohio.gov/services/veteran-grave-search.cfm ,


As well as the search, there is a spreadsheet and PDF file of all Ohio Veteran gravesites.


I haven't dug in just yet but I will be soon!